Thursday, March 31, 2011

Early mornings

So, my girls are early risers.   Always have been.  
That's why they still go to bed at 7:30.  

Every night.  Even on the weekends.  

They are a little harder to wake up for school, but nothing terrible.  

This morning, I didn't have to wake them up.  
AL & EK came running into my bathroom at 
6 am (30 minutes before I normally wake them for school).  

They were running.  

They were excited as all get out.  

Guess what they were saying?


CG jumping into Jason's arms

Happy baby

Our girls love their Daddy so much.  He has to be away a lot.  Sometimes for short bursts of time.  Sometimes longer.  Sometimes really long.  But they always miss him.  And they are always SO excited when it is time for him to return home.  I am so thankful for the relationship they have, despite his frequent absences from us.  Because the time he is here, it's good.  And they know it.  They love him.  They know I love him.  And they know he loves all his girls more than anything.  

So when he does have to be away, 
days like today make it seem ok that he has to be gone.

Catching up

Books before bedtime

Together again....all is right in the Williams house

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