Sunday, June 12, 2011

twinkle toes

all 3 girls have been taking ballet since the fall.  
this is their first ballet class since al & ek 
took a class when they were 2 
(so that really doesn't count...they didn't even have a recital.  
and let's face it...they were 2!)

so despite their many differences in personality 
and *ahem* gracefulness, they all love it.  
they had their first recital this weekend.  
the theme was cinderella
 how perfect.  

and even though it may have been the most 
unorganized disaster of a recital, 
they were beautiful and perfect.  

and some very special people even came out 
and sat through a very long recital to support 
and show love for our sweet girls  

and for them we are so very thankful.  

so here are some pictures from their big day. 

getting ready for the recital


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